Saturday, March 13, 2010

Con Gas!

One thing about being in Europe is that it's so normal to have sparkling water at every meal. It's nothing special unlike here where you can order Perrier or San Pellegrino only in hotels or in chichi restaurants!

I really like fizzy water.  I thought all waters were the same until I came across an article in an inflight magazine that explained the difference between different brands of water. Some had smaller bubbles, some had more aggressive bubbles, so the mouthfeel was different, etc. Then it even went on to explain that nowadays there are water bars serving different sparkling waters from different parts of the world, and that there are suggested pairings for food! Oh my, what marketing can do!

For me, Europe means fizzy water and it just doesn't taste the same anywhere else no matter how upscale the hotel or restaurant is. Maybe bottled water just doesn't travel well? :)

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