Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chandelier or Lustre?

I've always loved chandeliers. If I could, I would have one in every room in the house. Right now I only have one in my dining room. After moving some furniture around yesterday, I realized I could hang small one in the den and maybe in the foyer too! This one above is from the Vernaison market in Saint Ouen flea market in Paris. I'm so excited!  The hunt begins.

The popular blog Design Sponge has a wonderful post on the history of crystal chandeliers here.  In this well-researched post, the author mentions that the crystal pendants were called "lustres", and that "lustre" eventually referred to the whole lighting fixture.


Now I get it! A few months ago at the Paris flea market in Saint Ouen, the dealers would correct me when I pointed to a hanging fixture and ask about the "chandelier". They would say "vous voulez dire le lustre?" (You mean this lustre?).  No, I meant the chandelier, still pointing up. Then they'd point to something on a table top or something that had candles and say "c'est un chandelier!"
Okay, okay, chandelier or lustre,  now I like both!


The blog Dreamy Whites features old-fashioned chandeliers in her relaxed home. I think she has one in every room of her house. I'd eventually want to make a post like this one on the blog La Brocanteuse, documenting where she got all her chandeliers.  And yes, like both of them , it has to be collected over the years--not all bought at once. The joy is in finding them one by one.
(or having them made when I'm desperate!)

I took all these pictures over the last five years.  

I like elongated silhouettes...

 Photo from online catalogue (don't remember which one)
At the Vernaison market, Saint Ouen.

Love the mirrors behind.  At Marche Biron, Saint Ouen.

Then there are those which are mostly wrought iron with very few crystal pendants.

At a lighting store in Melbourne

 Still in Melbourne. Chandelier is as big as the table.

This is a Murrey Feiss fixture

The entrance of the Inn at the Roman Forum

Oops, I'm getting carried away. The two places in the house can only take small fixtures, and not these full-sized ones. Now I need to calm down from all this chandelier excitement.


the paris apartment said...

It's great to see someone as obsessed with chandeliers as I am! Great post with a lot of different styles. They really are the jewelry in a room! Let me know if you want me to keep an eye out for one for you, there are actually bargains to be found in Paris, I swear!

Vicki said...

Thank you for your generous "eye" offer--YES! please keep me posted on your finds. Will be eagerly following your posts this week! Thanks for stopping by, I'm honored.

Ingrid said...

HI, loved your photos and great to meet you through BYW.

The Shutter said...

Oohhh, I like your photos. I spied you from the Blogging Your Way class.

Vicki said...

Hi Ingrid, coming from you a professional photographer,that is a big compliment! Thanks lots!

Dovecote Decor said...

I am slowly coming towards hanging light fixtures in unexpected rooms, like living rooms. Chandeliers in weird corners, bedrooms etc.. set my teeth on edge. I am adjusting to lanterns and interesting hanging lights in other rooms, than dining.
For What it's Worth,

Vicki said...

On the contrary, small chandeliers in weird corners and bedrooms get me excited! Thanks for stopping by, love your blog, will be checking it out now and then!

Anonymous said...
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