Friday, August 20, 2010

The Doors of Italy

I love everything about wooden front doors in Italy--the paneled wood, the ventilating grill above, the brass kickplate below, the knobs/knockers/handles. Most of these pictures were taken in different towns of Umbria, and some in Rome. I have lots more but got dizzy uploading them.
Enjoy these...

I particularly like the weathered doors. They have much more character than new  doors.
Many of these doors are variations of the same theme.

I noticed that in Italy, most of the door pulls are laid horizontally on the rail of the door, instead of vertically on the stile.  I've never seen it installed horizontally here, but then again we don't really have huge rails on our doors.

Even this very plain distressed front door has its charm.

This door is very 70s. My previous front door had small panels like the ones on this door. I changed the door to something from an older era--more weathered, rustic and banged up.

Do you like the grill above--in the shape of keys?

And this is for those who prefer straight lines.

Blond? or Brunette? (wood!)

I love the top grill of this door--oh and I just noticed it has a monogram!

Reminds me of this post of one of my favorite blogs, The Paris Apartment.

This striking surround reminds me of a chocolate bar.  I think it detracts from the door.
Hmm..but it does have its appeal..

This is lovely--a painted door and an uncharacteristic art-nouveau grill above.
But with a simple jamb, it works very well.  I like!

From free flowing lines to sharp points. This door looks definitely more masculine.

A bit too battered up, but still charming.

And finally, circle grills. 

Do you like Italian doors too?

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*Chic Provence* said...

Hi Vicki! Your blog is so pretty..wish I were in Italy looking at these gorgeous doors right now! thanks for visiting me and for your very kind words about our little Ollie, just hug your little schnauzer tight!

Thanks for listing me on your blogroll about France! I'm now a subscriber..




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