Monday, February 21, 2011

A Night in Burgos

On our overnight stop in Burgos, in the Castile and Leon area of Spain, we stayed at the NH Palacio de la Merced, a monastery in its previous life. The structure was built between the 16th and 17th centuries and much of the outside remains true to the original design. There's nothing medieval about the interiors though.

At the reception desk

Look, Kenneth Cobonpue chairs!

In 2002, the structure was completely renovated and transformed into this meticulously interior-designed hotel. The mix of old and new blended well in this hotel.

A few antique pieces are strategically situated around the hotel

The bedrooms were far from being antique

Most of them have this stylized canopy-style bed

and these minimalist headboards.

The bathrooms are pretty standard, but make use of high-contrast elements. Dark wood paneling is set against white fittings.  You can't see it too much but the extra toilet paper rolls are in this modern-looking wooden "rack".

By now you know I have a thing about checking under the sink to see how neatly the plumbing has been installed. This is a practical and simple design alternative to a plain hanging counter. 

Leather-clad bathroom door levers. Nice!

After checking in (and me photographing the room!) we made our way across the river to a restaurant a few minutes' walk from the hotel.

Then we strolled around the city for a bit before calling it a night.

Back at the hotel the next morning, we made our way to the breakfast room through this hallway.

Through those arches on the left was this beautiful cloister with a skylight for a roof!

Don't you think this would be a perfect venue for a wedding reception?

This is the entrance to the breakfast room where a healthful spread was laid out for the hotel guests.

The freshly-baked mini pound cakes were a nice touch after seeing the packaged donuts included in the buffet. This was just the "cold" display. A hot breakfast would be prepared upon request.

We explored Burgos after breakfast, walking through the picturesque city that has a number of ancient churches and convents, and interesting architecture.

I love the  variety of balcony grills all over Spain, but this particular one looks a bit French to me

I also like old hardware...

Just like Italian doors, old Spanish wooden doors have a particular charm to them.

We also came across a number of interesting street sculptures
 This sculpture/fountain had water flowing from the top of the umbrella

This one tried to sell me chestnuts

Soon after, it was on to our next stop, Segovia, for lunch at a historic and popular restaurant famous for their cochinillo. 

NH Palacio de la Merced
Calle de la Merced, 13. 09002 Burgos (Spain)
Tel. +34.94.7479900 | Fax: +34.94.7260426 | 

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