Sunday, October 6, 2013

Peaches for Breakfast

If you're lucky enough to come across fresh peaches, this is a delicious way to to have them for breakfast.

 Chop them up, and with skin on, pan grill them.

I had really good butter, so I put some in.

That browned it nicely.

Cool that. Then top with chilled mascarpone cheese. Top with walnuts and a teaspoon of honey.

Another variation is to put the warm peaches on top of previously frozen low fat greek yogurt.  I love the contrast of hot and cold.

Is this too healthy for you, C?


Freda said...

I have just found your blog and am enjoying the posts about Venice - the tango video is superb!

denys mauricio said...

Where did you buy fresh peaches inmanila?

denys mauricio said...

Where did you score fresh peaches in manila?

Marivic said...

This was during a trip, where peaches and mascarpone cheese were readily available.


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