Monday, September 30, 2013

La Zucca in Venice

This is a bit backtracking, but I have to post this because Sarina mentioned she was going to Venice when I bumped into her at the airline lounge in Qatar.

Sars, if you are reading this, you must try this small, casual, but very delicious restaurant in Venice.  It was recommended to us by our apartment host, saying it was one of the more popular restaurants in Venice, and it was right around the corner from the apartment.

 La Zucca is right across this bridge, to the right.

In fact, we kept passing it everyday not noticing it was La Zucca until it was almost too late. On our last night there, we confidently made a reservation for dinner (in the morning) and were told they were already booked for the evening. We said we could eat even at 10 pm, and they said just come on over and we'll see.

 That's us outside the restaurant (to the right), waiting for a table to free up
It was a two-minute walk to the apartment and we could just walk home and eat our spaghetti in the fridge if they really didn't have a table for us. But how can you not take pity on us, waiting patiently outside?

Well, we got our table, and we ordered what we could before the kitchen closed.

It's a simple, casual restaurant and the food is excellent.

A very popular starter is the pumpkin flan. After our fist bite, we understood why.

Then of course we had to have at least one pasta.

The lamb chops were very good.

But a hands-down favorite was the duck with apricots.

This was a potato dish the kids inhaled too.  The kids like to eat all kinds of food too so it's nice to bring them out to eat.

I'm glad we got to eat here. Hope you can too!

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That was a mouthwatering lamb chops Marivic. Would love to experience this trip too. Very informative post where to eat in Venice.


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