Saturday, September 14, 2013

An Afternoon in Lido

I'm quite obsessive about planning our trips but only when it comes to plane tickets and accommodations. Except for a couple of meals that may have probably been planned ahead, I like to leave chunks of time free--sometimes even days--and just decide what to do on the day itself.

Like on this day in Venice. With nothing really planned, we got on the vaporetto and after a few stops,  decided to go to the end of the line to Lido

By the way, if you are in Venice for a couple of days, go ahead and buy the 48-hour vaporetto ticket--or the number of hours that match the number of days you're there. It will turn out to be the most economical choice.

We made the mistake of buying  the 7-euro ticket, which got each of us a one-way ride. We quickly realized that no one goes one-way unless you are leaving Venice and heading to the airport or train station. With the  more expensive "time-limited" ticket, you pay one price, but you use it for the duration you're in Venice and can go everywhere.  It's really the best way to go around. You could use water taxis of course, but that would cost even more. 

While I was mesmerized by the view from the vaporetto, the girls were, what else---reading.
"Look up and enjoy the view," I nagged them. They looked up for a minute and then went back to reading.

We had no idea what we were going to do when we got to Lido, but I picked up a recommendation from the Trip Advisor app: biking! We rented a bike (quadcycle?) and pedaled around the almost-deserted island.

Don't they look so thrilled to be biking?

We stopped to check out the beach. It's big, wide, and filled with people--but our beautiful island beaches in the Philippines are still much nicer. No wonder all the Europeans go crazy over our beaches.

We circled half of the island and before we knew it, an hour had passed. B and I were aerobic from all that biking.

After we returned the pedicab, we got picnic stuff from the grocery and headed back to Venice.

Waiting for the vaporetto. Now where was this crowd while we were biking around the island? 
Lido sure looked deserted.

Again, the gorgeous scenery couldn't distract these two from their kindles. At least I never heard the words "are we there yet?"

Over-planning pays off specially when it comes to finding good airfares and  hotels deals. But  unplanned days, allowing events to unfold naturally, is for me, the true essence of being on vacation.

A spontaneous picnic on the bank of the canal, watching gondolas glide by.

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Teresa Maria said...

I recently found your blog and I very much enjoy your posts. Looks like you prefer the same kind of travels as we do. Incidentally, we'll be in Venice in a couple of weeks and I will make sure to see the tango on the Tuesday night!


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