Sunday, September 15, 2013

Twenty Minutes in Burano

We spent exactly twenty minutes in Burano,  only enough time to take in the colorful houses, and buy a couple of candy souvenirs.

We hopped on a vaporetto headed towards Murano and Burano, not knowing how far it was from Venice. Not a very good idea, specially on the day we were checking out of our apartment and taking an overnight train to Paris.

But sometimes "spontaneous" is our middle name, and we were already halfway there when we realized this was going to take longer than we imagined.

In hindsight, had I known it was 45 minutes away, we probably would've never gone. So it's also good not to know everything.

We spent ten minutes of out of our twenty, in this store selling glass candy.

The girls bought one souvenir each, plus one more for a friend at home.

Burano is a treat for the eyes.

Rushing to catch the next boat back to Venice.

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