Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Pop-up Sisterhood Sale

It popped up last weekend, and now it's gone. "Why didn't you tell me about it?!?!" many of my friends asked when I mentioned that I passed by.

 love these bohemian slipper chairs

I also didn't know about it but mom happened to go on the first morning and called me immediately.  "Go to Makati Garden club right now, there's a sale of everything you like," she said excitedly.

Of course I went right away.  I stayed quite a while, looking at and liking everything. I would've wanted to buy but I don't have space for anything anymore. If I buy something now, I must really really love it.

This "pop up store" was an event/project of a group of Assumption HS'68 friends. There was an article in the Inquirer  on it yesterday.  They started this last year and this is only their second time to do it.

I think a pop-up sale is brilliant. It gave me an idea of how I can sell my own collections so I can acquire others--keeping the "vintage energy" flowing.  My last flea market visits have just been browsing trips,  content just to snap photos.

I can imagine the fun these ladies had shopping for all these things. The looked like they were having a grand time together during the sale--talking to customers, collecting payments, writing out receipts.

News of the event only spread by word of mouth so there were not too many people there on the first day.  But some early birds got really nice things, I saw them behind the cashier table.

I had my eye on some imari-style espresso cups. But while I was still thinking, it got bought. Oh well, not meant for me.

 Now I'm excited for my next flea market trip. Watch out for my own maleta sale!

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