Monday, March 3, 2014

Blue Carreon Home

There's an new home store that just opened in Manila. Take a look at the beautifully curated items. 

Blue Carreon Home is on the second floor of the new Century Mall on Kalayaan Avenue in Makati.

I first heard of Blue Carreon when my friend Alicia texted me about a trunk show he was having at his condo a couple of months back.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it that weekend, and hoped he was going to have another one.

Turns out he was preparing for the opening of this store but since it was delayed,  he opened his "shop" from his home. Too bad for me because it would've been a treat to see how he set up his condo.

He designs many of his items and sources the others. The result is a beautifully curated collection of furniture and table top accessories. 

I texted Alicia as soon as I came from the store and she texted back, "Blue is a really nice guy, and he has exqusite taste!"

I totally agree.  I'm a very deliberate shopper who likes to overthink my purchases but I was just so enamored by his store that I bought on impulse--and mind you, this is even if I had to leave my personal check and come back for what I bought! (Alicia, name-dropping you didn't work).

By now, they would have sorted out their credit card facilities.

Blue's style reminds me of that of Daniel Romualdez, the talented architect/designer who does all the stores of Tory Burch, among many other projects. Daniel also did her Manhattan apartment. Read about Daniel on Cote de Texas.

I'm looking forward to seeing the shop evolve.  When I walked in, they had only been open four days.

This above is mine. Have to pick it up! 

I love this too, but don't know where I can put it at home.

Here is Blue (in blue!), the very personable proprietor. Remember his name because I only see great things happening for this guy.

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