Saturday, March 29, 2014

Musee Carnavalet, Paris

Musee Carnavalet was an unexpected surprise. I knew that it housed the history of Paris, but didn't think it was anything more than that.

Since it was around the corner from our rented apartment in the Marais, I finally walked in.

For a lover of French interiors and furniture like me, this is heaven!

I didn't even have time to look at the historical timeline of Paris because I focused on the furniture and the interior embellishments.

G was also taken by the beautiful interiors.


She went around the rooms pointing at furniture saying "I want that in my room" and all I could say back was, "me too! me too!"  

C couldn't be bothered because she likes modern stuff.

The signs on the individual displays are all in French so you'll just have to figure things out.

But you don't necessarily have to understand anything to appreciate perfectly proportioned period furniture.

I could've spent the whole afternoon in here, but I was with kids who wanted to be outside.

 I would love to have two perfectly-proportioned armchairs like this at home.

And this chaise longue too!

 I already have my mirror, so I didn't get envious of this one.

Best part about the Musee Carnavalet is that there are no lines or crowds so you are left in peace to appreciate everything.

I look forward to visiting again and this time, to focus on the history of Paris.

Address: 23 rue de Sévigné, Marais, Paris, 75004 | Map It
Phone: 01–44–59–58–58
Cost: Free; around €7 for temporary exhibitions
Hours: Tues.–Sun. 10–6; closed Mon.
The Marais

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