Monday, September 29, 2014

A Modern Apartment in the Pigalle

I was intrigued when I saw this Paris apartment on Airbnb. It looked modern and stylish, and without any residential clutter. That is was in the 18th arrondissement--the Pigalle area--considered the red-light district of Paris was a bit of a concern.

But as my intention is to discover as many arrondissements as possible, this apartment looked enticing enough.

How exciting it was then to walk into the apartment which looked exactly as it did in the pictures, and later I discovered, functioned even better.

The space was only about 55m2, and it had everything you would need for a long stay.  Ysabelle, the owner/host was responsive from the very beginning, which only gave me more confidence that I did the correct thing.

The apartment is designed by Tristan Auer. After checking his website, it intrigued me that a vacation rental would be designed by someone of his caliber. Then I saw that Ysabelle's last name was also Auer.  They must own this apartment.

Floor treatment was like something like a rubberised concrete. Comfortable to walk on.

We didn't meet Ysabelle--as we were always in and out of the apartment--but she was just a text away and we were well attended to.

Not only are the interiors striking, I was more impressed that everything in the apartment is well thought out and functional. There is a full-sized washing machine, a comfortable kitchen, big closets, lots of storage.

The open storage shelves of the kitchen doubles as strong design element.

We  didn't have any time to cook on this short stay, but B did make breakfast and I used the Nespresso a lot.

Light bulbs hidden in a slatted drop ceiling creates an imaginative light detail in the evening.

So impressed was I by the apartment's layout that I even sketched it out to see how it was achieved. If I copy this lay-out, do you think I need to pay Tristan Auer any royalty?

Displayed around the apartment like artwork were invitations to gallery events. 

And in the bathroom, the blowdryer was kept in this YSL shoebox. I appreciated the low-key but tasteful re-use of things that are usually just thrown away.

Like most apartments in Paris, the toilet is a separate room from the shower.

Unfortunately we weren't able to really explore the neighbourhood because our scheduled events were mostly in the 9th which was a brisk 20-minute walk from the apartment. 

Montmarte, being in the "backyard" would've been really nice without the crowds. Too bad our schedule just didn't allow it! So much for trying got explore a new arrondissement...

Had I known we had to attend to events in the 9th, I might've booked an apartment there instead, but then I would miss this gem of an apartment.

 Curtain on the front door provides privacy from other apartment doors. 
It also keeps the entrance dark and dramatic.

This area is not as pretty as being in the lower-numbered arrondissements, 5, 6 and 7 in particular, but it is real-life Paris.  

On the street where we lived: Rue Andre Antoine

My feelings about a particular arrondissement is largely dependent on the apartment we have, so this was a very good experience. 

As long as there is a metro nearby, I'm happy.  This was another AirBnb success.

I'm looking forward to my next Paris apartment adventure!

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