Saturday, September 6, 2014

Musee des Arts et Metiers, for your Inner Nerd

Right in front of our vacation rental was the Musee des Arts et Metiers, something that is not exactly on the to-go-to list of a Paris visitor. But what a great find.

If you're riding Line 11 of the Metro and you get off at the "arts et metier" stop, this is the modern station that will greet you. What a great introduction to the things you will see in the museum.

This is a museum of industrial design, science, technology, construction. It has everything for those interested in the way things work.

The displays are beautifully curated. It's a shame it's not as popular as other museums where tons of people go just to take a selfie with the Mona Lisa without actually appreciating it.

A museum like this would be more interesting to a lot  more people because it shows everyday objects.

The range of exhibits cover scientific instruments dating back from the 16th century, communication, transportation, calculation, measurements, energy and construction.

The displays and exhibits are so extensive, you can spend one whole afternoon here.

The best thing is that you can look at everything in peace an not have to battle the crowds.

The first calculator

I couldn't help admire the interior design of the museum. Look at this handrail...

There's a whole section on construction with displays of different kinds of timber roofing. The exhibit and video of the tunnel-building was one of the most interesting.

And a quick look outside--I love those mansard roofs!

The museum is housed in an old abbey which was renovated in 1990.

We still remember these instruments, don't we?

This part of the abbey houses a working model of Foucault's pendulum

Lots of things to see and discover.  This is a great place for your inner nerd.

Don't just stick to to the crowded Louvre. The Musee des Arts et Metiers is fascinating for anyone interested in the history of things.

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