Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday at the New York Fleas

Sundays are one of the most exciting days for me when I travel because I know there is a flea market happening somewhere.  

When in New York, that usually means the Antiques Garage or the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.

But this time I wanted to discover others. Unfortunately the Antiques Garage has since closed too.

Two blocks from the Beacon Hotel, where we were staying, was the Green Flea market. This market held in the schoolyard of a school. During the cooler months, they also have vendors inside the school.

The Olde Good Things antique store is well represented here. They seem to have a truck at every flea market around here.

After seeing this tangle of phones, I decided my next purchase before I left NYC was going to be an old rotary phone. The kids would get a kick out of that.

But we can't spend the whole Sunday on just ONE fleamarket, can we?  After casing the joint, it was time to head for the Brooklyn flea market which I had read so much about.

Just outside the Green Flea market, is an organic market that also happens every Sunday. There are booths with not only veggies and fruit, but suppliers of organic meat in coolers, cheese, and maple syrup.

Getting to the Brooklyn fleas from here is easy, specially with the very handy Google maps app.

(this was our route going back)

This was an indispensable app for the whole trip. Equally indispensable is the mifi we got at the start of this trip. With mobile wifi, we could google search anything without having to look for hotspots around the city.

I've never been to Brooklyn except to go to Peter Luger's for dinner so was excited to see this part of town.

Wish we had more time to hang around and have brunch, but no..we were focused on getting to that flea market.  On the way, we passed by the  Artists and Fleas craft market, which we thought was our destination.

It was too small (and too neat and comfortable) to be the flea market of Brooklyn, so we walked more.

We got to first address on Google maps and the parking lot was empty!

Oh no... had this flea market closed too? A quick Google search again showed that the market was a few blocks up the street, and not at 6th street, where we were.

The 6th street address has Smorgasburg, the food market, that takes place only on Saturdays.

We're finally here. Looks like there are a few other events happening here every week too. Too bad we won't be here for more Sundays.

Off to explore...

Interesting things, curios, and decorative items. I liked browsing this flea market, but nothing called my name and asked me to take it home.

This brass wheat table base reminded me of Alicia.

And these bulletin boards of magazine spines reminded me of Joanna and inspiration for Gifts and Graces Foundation.

And of course, who would have a truck here? The Olde Good Things guys. (Yes, they had a truck here too, but I don't remember now if this was their booth below)

After a couple of hours browsing this fleamarket, it was time to head back to our upper west side digs and prepare for dinner.

On Sundays, the UWS is also full of book vendors selling old books for a few dollars each. The girls have fun looking for titles and old CDs they can buy.

And then its off to dinner with old friends.

Wish we had more Sundays to spend here.

Hello? Party line?

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