Saturday, August 1, 2015

Olde Good Things Architectural Antiques. New York

I thought I died and went to heaven when I entered Olde Good Things in Chelsea.  I was actually walking to towards another antique center on w25th when I saw the green canopies of Olde Good Things across the corner on w24th.

I had never heard of Olde Good Things so can you imagine how excited I was just walking into this store. 

After looking over and handling a few things, I realized that Olde Good Things is the motherlode of architectural antiques and of all things I desire.

OGT has shops around NYC and a few other places, but are headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania. They also have trucks at every fleamarket, selling their wares.

I've seen them at the Greenflea market on the upper west, at the Brooklyn flea, and looking back at my pictures from DC, they were also at the Georgetown fleamarket! (yes, yes..I went to all of them on this recent trip, and would've visited more if I had more Sundays!)

Perhaps it was the cold brew that I had in my hand, but my heart was racing as I walked across the floor, my eyes not knowing where to look next.

I only started to chill when I saw that I already owned many of things I was attracted to.

Lovely, lovely sconces!! But I already have enough on my walls...

What a gorgeous antique scale. Yay, I already have a scale too!

And this looks just like B's lolo's cabinet that I use to display my teacups! But I like mine better-- and it even has sentimental value.

What gorgeous chandeliers! If I had any of these at home, I might have to come down to dinner in a long gown. Mine fits my relaxed lifestyle.

Mirrors!  Ah, but still I love mine too!

What a nice feeling contentment is....

But look--an old leather chair. It reminds me of our little Airbnb in Paris! I want one exactly like this!

And I think I would like to have an old typewriter too.

I think it would be exciting to have an architectural salvage business--then I can collect the old grills and hardware of the heritage buildings they are tearing down here in Manila.

I just hope my house doesn't look like those second-hand stores in Bangkal! Maybe I should put price tags on the things I have at home and sell from the house.

Hello guests, you can buy my flea market antiques...

I have a light fixture like this 

and a display cabinet like this too! (but it's in storage)

It'll allow me to go to even more flea markets and replace the things I've sold.

 I don't own any seltzer bottles yet.

Oooh, how fun will that be?!

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Linda said...

What a great post! I love all the photos and vintage items!


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