Monday, May 21, 2012

Gourmet Food Trucks at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

A flea market and casual gourmet food--all in one place. It may be called Hell's Kitchen, but it sounded like heaven to me.

I dragged my sister to the flea market--my sister who doesn't like antiques because she's scared of ghosts. Not that she's has a sixth sense or anything like that, but she just doesn't like old things unless they are heirlooms of our family ("at least we know the ghosts...")

It's hard to go around a flea market with non-flea market people. It's a good thing the food trucks were there. We headed to straight to the Red Hook lobster truck.

We ordered three kinds of  rolls from the lobster truck: Lobster with lemon butter, Lobster and bacon (this sounds soo unhealthy), and a shrimp sandwich.

G would've loved this lobster roll, and C would've loved the dill pickle

I got suckered into buy a mandarin orange soda for $3.50 because of the hip artisan label. Tasted exactly like Royal Tru Orange.

Sam went to get a slice of pizza from the Valducci truck. It had a fresh tomato flavor and was perfectly crisp.

Our rolls were good. The best one was still the lobster with lemon butter. There was no place to sit though and we had to eat standing up. It didn't help that it was a very hot and sunny day with no shade anywhere except for a small shaded area right by the food truck.

We would have had a better experience if there were a few tables and chairs. We might have even tried more things.

This truck below only sells ice cream sandwiches. You choose your cookie, then your flavor. It even comes with an edible wrapper if you like.

It looked too deadly to order--like a million calories--so it was a good thing Sam got one. I had a bite. This was really good!

It was just too hot for them to explore the flea market further. I stole a few moments to look at some interesting booths. But it a really hot day--we opened our umbrellas to shield us from the heat.

We called it a day at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. Then I dragged them over to the Antique Garage at Chelsea where I thought it would be cooler for all of us.

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market
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