Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baguio Trinkets

We were again in Baguio last weekend and had to bring the kids to the market to buy some trinkets for trading at camp. This was a quick stop before heading back to Baguio Country Club. There is so much traffic (vehicle and pedestrian) around the market, it's chaos.

We targeted a small souvenir shop near a side entrance. Look at all these trinkets! Each of the necklaces cost P25 (50 cents). The kids loved the birthstone pendants. The boys liked the tooth pendant (what kind of tooth, I'm not sure). There were tons of colorful friendship bracelets that were selling for P5 each.

I liked the beaded pen holder which was P100 ($2.50), and G loved it too so we bought ourselves one each. I've been down from Baguio a few days and still have it around my neck--it keeps my iPhone stylus handy for when I play Draw Something in the car. My opponents don't know what hit them--I'm drawing with enthusiastic precision now.

 Beaded pen holder necklaces

I was so tempted to choose the trading trinkets for the kids but realize that I have to let G choose what she's attracted to, and not what I'm attracted to. Otherwise 11-year-olds at camp might not trade with her. I liked the beaded earrings and these slippers lined in woven fabric (3 for P100!). They are so comfortable as bedroom slippers, I bought for everyone in the house.

But the Baguio product of all time is the walis tambo, or a broom made of dried reeds. Even when we lived in the States, our home was never without this broom. Nothing sweeps up the floor better than a walis tambo. I didn't have time to go inside the market and look for the brooms this time since this was a ten-minute side trip.

 The best broom in the world comes from Baguio

B had been waiting the whole afternoon while Marissa, Yvonne and I went silver shopping, I didn't want to subject him to more of the same waiting while we shopped for brooms, blankets and slippers.

 The CISV Baguio delegation (with adult leader, Ada) to the Bacolod Village 2012
One other delegate not in picture.

Can't wait to go back to Baguio again. The weather there is 10 degrees cooler than in Manila. Maybe one more time before July? Otherwise, Marissa, I'll send you a list for the market (including the P10 bags of baby potatoes!). And you can send it down on the midnight bus to Manila.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marivic,
I am home today. Got to read your Blog ( because you came out in the facebook page) which I also do not open on a regular basis.
Great pictures of Georgia's CISV preparation.
Thanks for giving me the CISV contact-- was eventually able to get Joaquin to join CISV in Talisay, batangas next week.

I like your Blog. Keep it up!


yvonne camacho said...

Hi Marivic! Love how you captured our Baguio experience ! I'd love to go back one more time before camp, but this time without Gil because he gets too tired for work the next week =)
Love your blog...looking forward to reading more!

Marivic said...

Yvonne, Sige let's go without the boys. I feel bad for them waiting around for us all the time. Gaye, Joaquin will totally love mini-camp!

Carla Aston said...

How fun. So nice to check in with you and see where you've been. Reminds me of my years overseas.

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