Saturday, May 12, 2012

Getting Crafty at the Incheon Airport

 Miniature shelves: a sample on the left, and a finished product on the right

At the Incheon airport in Korea, a stop-over for many flights of Korean Airlines out of Manila, I came across this gift shop. There was unusual activity going on inside. 

I looked in and saw ladies hunched over little pieces of wood. I went closer and saw that they were painting what looked like dollhouse furniture. Hey, I want to do that too!

Tourists are allowed to do a craft here for free (they check your boarding pass). I looked at my watch--forty minutes to boarding time--just enough to make one of these precious little things.

G would love this for her dollhouse.

This is what we were making-- a t'akcha

It took me about 25 minutes. What a unique idea for an airport. The kids would love a stop over like this. Here is my finished shelf, back in its original box, and ready for me to take home---for free!

Over at the other table, they were making stamping designs with a stencil on wet paper. I didn't have enough time to do this though.  The art assistants told me that they change crafts every quarter.

This fan which we used to dry our newly-painted little shelves was a previous project. They also had a shelf of other things they did before. I was just lucky that they were doing little furniture this time--perfect for G's collection of miniature furniture. I would've also been interested to paint a fan, or knot some rings, but creating this little Korean miniature "antique" was exciting for me.

I think G and C would love to do this. Then G's dollhouse will have three of them--and then we can have a dollhouse yard sale!

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