Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kings Camp, Timbavati Game Reserve

I still get occasional emails from Kings Camp, keeping me up to date on what's happening in that part of the world. The emailed newsletter comes every few months--just enough to make me recall fond memories of the trip and look back at the pictures in my iPhoto library every now and then. The safari was a detour on the way home from Cape Town, in South Africa, where we attended a conference.

The camp has 12 thatched roofed cottages, plus a number of separate dining pavilions and decks that are furnished in the British colonial style. I wrote about our room in this earlier post. I liked the contrast of the upholstered furniture and area rugs against the rustic structures.

Days started at the even before there was light. We set out for the first game ride 6 am, which ended at about 9 am. We'd come back for a big breakfast and basically were free until the next game ride at 3 pm. So what is there to do between 10 am to 3 pm, aside from wait for lunch?

You could swim, book a massage, read a book.  There's lots of time to think, reflect on your life, or just space out. There was a computer in the library, but being on a computer didn't seem like part of the safari scene. This was a time to be unplugged.

The massage cottage

The hubby, who is used to doing something every minute of the day (and more) was in for a bit of a shock. Two nights in this do-nothing-but-relax place was probably two nights too long for him.

 reflecting or spacing out?

I on the other hand, loved going around the camp taking pictures of everything, noting the details of the interiors with my point and shoot, reading, lazing around and well, doing nothing! Opposites attract.

I wasn't renovating my house yet so I wasn't into buying house things then. But friends who were also on this South African trip bought zebra rugs when we were still in Cape Town the week before.

I didn't buy one because I couldn't imagine having a zebra splayed flat on the floor --what would I tell the kids?

 should'a, could'a, would'a... tsk tsk.

Now I just look back at my pictures not only with fondness but also with regret. I should've bought a zebra rug! It's not the same if I ask someone to buy it for me--it has to be in the moment of the trip, to make it a real souvenir.

And what to tell the kids? Hmm...the rug will remind busy parents that they must go to distant places to reflect on their lives every now and then?

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Jennifer said...

These are great pics of your africa trip Marivic! Have you heard anything about Botswana and the Okavango delta?
Your blog is so fun to read.! I want to do your lists and try your local trips!


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