Monday, September 27, 2010

Theodore Hotel, Tagaytay

The Theodore hotel is a 6-room inn that's relatively new. As of now, it's only open on weekends. They wouldn't allow me to take pictures of the other bedrooms--only of the bedroom that's featured on their brochure and website. 

Farah, the operations manager (I think that's her position), showed me around. 
The place can host 30 people. There are a few dining tables in the lobby.

The Theodore is sandwiched between the two Ongpauco establishments, Pamana restaurant and The Boutique inn. I didn't realize Tagaytay had all these small bed and breakfasts. No wonder there's so much traffic on the ridge! This one is not yet 100% finished.

I can't figure out what the design theme is. At first I thought it was modern European eclectic, until I went to the third floor deck where they have all-weather rattan, and a sort of modern Balinese type pavilion. The deck overlooks Taal lake and I think this is where they serve breakfast for now.

Here is a what the bedrooms look like. This one is called the Japanese room, maybe because of the cherry blossoms on the far wall. This room can sleep 4, plus one more on the sofa bed.

Rooms and bathrooms look well-appointed and comfortable, even if the design theme is all over the place.

Some of the design elements are interesting like the repetition of these three vases. Others for me are too distracting. But maybe when you have a clear view of Taal lake just like this, it's easy to be distracted from distracting design.

Look at the almost-invisible railing. It's tempered glass supported by the concrete posts every 2.5  meters, giving you an unobstructed view of Taal lake.  It's a nice well-thought out touch.

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Theodore Hotel said...

Theodore Hotel is different from other hotel, they have different taste of design! And I like it, I enjoyed my stay in this hotel..


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