Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clouds and Complementary Colors

I glanced out of the plane window and was mesmerized with this cloud "tower". 
Not only was the shape of the cloud unusual, I loved the color combination
 of blue and orange--complementary colors on the color wheel.

I decided to snap some shots of the clouds to show the kids when I got home. 
They should have learned these types of clouds by now.
Cumulus, stratus, cirrus...

This particular flight took off at 5 pm, and it was perfect timing for the sunset.
After seeing some "regular" clouds, this big hunk of a cloud appears...

I got excited and snapped a number of shots. 
The reflection of the setting sun on the cloud was dramatic.
Just like the other complementary colors green and red, purple and yellow--
blue and orange is a very striking color combination.

A quick internet search showed that this cloud 'tower' was a cumulo-nimbus--
just a typical "middle cloud" shape.

From enchantedlearning.com

I don't remember learning all these cloud "combinations"--
nimbo-stratus, cirro-cumulus, cumulo-nimbus.
When did cloud names get hyphenated?

These clouds look like erupting volcanoes, 

color theory geekspeak here

but it's actually the colors of the setting sun reflecting on the clouds. 

I was happy to witness these dramatic colors of nature, 
the color combination of which is echoed in so many interiors.

photo from House Beautiful


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