Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands

The Skypark at the new Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore is simply spectacular.  The edge pool on the 57th floor is such an amazing sight that every single person had a camera taking pictures of everything and everyone! Good thing I was one of those behind the camera and not in front of one.

The SkyPark  is built on top of three hotel towers. Hotel guests come and go whenever they please (within operating hours) by just showing their key card at door leading to the pool. Non-hotel guests have to pay S$20 to access the SkyPark's viewing deck and can only view part of the pool.

These pictures were taken on Monday morning, when there were less people. Sunday was pretty chaotic with lots of gawking visitors, me included.

On one end of the SkyPark is the viewing deck and where the bar Ku De Ta is located.  I took a photo of a poster they were selling at the viewing deck. They had a tourist kiosk up there selling t-shirts and other logo items of the Marina Bay Sands.

This is what it looks like from the sky. It's quite an engineering feat with that cantilevered deck extending I don't-know-how-many-meters into the distance. Check of the details here.

This is what you will see from the viewing deck. The whole of Singapore. This reminds me of being at the top of the CN Tower--that "needle" in Toronto, Canada. Here are a few shots from the CN tower taken a few years back.

 From the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, in winter

 The "wow" factor of the CN Tower is the glass-bottomed elevator that takes you to the top

The CN tower on a clear day. Photo from here.

Okay, back to Singapore and to the SkyPark at the Sands. This is the big expanse of deck. 
I think it would be grand to have an event here!

This is the area accessible to the "day visitors."

I think they have audio guides available for rent, with matching viewing points around the deck.

Up these steps is the Ku De Ta bar which must be amazing at night. I think there is a minimum charge just to reserve a table. I didn't join the guys when they all had drinks here in the evening.

Since I was out the whole day, I was just happy to plop down on the bed, relax in the quiet of my hotel room, and assess all my purchases :)

 The sitting area outside the breakfast room

This is the terrace on the side of the breakfast room.  The building looks quite skinny because you can see end to end, crosswise.

Across pool, these loungers are facing the other side of the building.

Here's the view of the other side. There are also two or three whirlpools facing this side.

There are these deck benches facing the pool for ultimate "pool gawking"

An interesting mix of  materials are used for the floor--sandstone, flagstone, wood.

and the trellis is made of i-beams.

Another "soft" area beside the breakfast room.

There's also a restaurant up here, supposedly with a celebrity chef, but it was closed in the morning. 

This is the view outside the restaurant.

Okay, now you just saw the SkyPark--I saved you S$20!  (and a little more for the CN Tower preview)


MaryWig said...

So this 'edge pool' scares me to death!!!! What a great idea, to give an 'insider view' to this hotel.

Marivic said...

What scared me more were all the people gawking taking photos of the swimmers. Imagine yourself in a bikini on someone's blog! haha! Thanks for stopping by.

Cashon&Co said...

My friend just got back from here and said it is so "tricky". I think she meant as in "tricked out" but Vegas-y. But that Pool looks AMAZING! You took the best pictures of it! Off to go read more of your blog, loved this post!

Marivic said...

I'll be honest, MBS can be like a circus sometimes because I really prefer smaller intimate hotel. But this is a sight to see!


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