Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dolphins in Bais

Every year we make it a point to bring the kids to at least one local destination so that they realize and appreciate how beautiful the Philippines is. 

This particular trip was to Dumaguete in the Visayas. Dumaguete is on the southwest part of Negros Oriental. We stayed in a resort in Dumaguete, and from there, took a day trip to Bais, where we could see dolphins in their natural habitat.


Negros Oriental is a yellow island to the left of Cebu. We were flying of course from Manila, a 55-minute plane ride.

 Here's a closeup of Negros Oriental. Bais City is to the north of Dumaguete. 

Bais is only 45 kilometers away from Dumaguete but since there was lots of roadwork going on,  it took us close to a couple of hours to get there. The kids slept. I can usually read in the car or just look at my design magazines, but this was way too bumpy a ride to look at anything.

The scenery from Dumaguete to Bais is mostly fertile fields and mountains.

Finally at the dock, and waiting for the boats to be filled with provisions. We had rice meals wrapped in banana leaves and drinks in the bancas, all meticulously arranged by trip planner extraordinaire, Yvonne.

Okay now... all aboaaard! After cruising for about twenty minutes or so...Taaa daaaahhhh!

The kids were on the prow of the boat so they had the best view. They were ecstatic that sea was so calm, the water so clear and the dolphins so close.

These other two boats below were also with our group. I'm not sure how Yvonne arranged this trip, but here are some details on how to do this same thing.

After we had our fill of watching the dolphins, we stopped for about 30-minutes at the Manjuyod Sand Bar, where the kids jumped off for a swim, and while the rest had a picnic on the boat.

There are three cottages on stilts in this sand bar that you can rent overnight. (That sounds scary to me, but apparently many people have posted about it)

 photo from here

It's a good thing it was a rewarding trip. The sea was very calm and we saw dolphins almost immediately. I think it would've been too upsetting if we got "skunked" specially after that long rough ride over.

Here is my first attempt at using my iMovie!

And yes Sylvia, this is so much better than watching poor dolphins in captivity! Thanks for that comment on my previous post.


chary mercado said...

I showed maxine the pics and she is dying to go to see the dolphins too. So I guess this is my next local trip! I'm too chicken to rent those houses on the sandbar too but perhaps for the day, it would make a nice tambayan. Great pics marivic!


Marivic said...

Chary, we stayed at Atmosphere resort in Dumaguete--very nice and comfortable. The roads should be fixed by now so it should be an easier drive to Bais too. No need to rent the cottages because the bancas are big enough to hang out in for the day. Thanks for stopping by!


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