Saturday, November 6, 2010

Manila Sunset

I usually write about places far from home, another country or another province--not usually about Manila, because well, maybe I take it for granted. But on days when the weather is nice and cool, 
and in the company of good friends, I am reminded how nice it is to just be here. 
We had just taken off from the yacht club on Manila Bay, for a sunset cruise. 
This is the view looking back at Roxas boulevard.

I was too busy chatting with everyone to actually get a perfect picture of the beautiful sunset... 
but caught part of it.

 cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, payne's grey, cobalt blue, ultramarine

The water was calm with just some faint movement from a slight breeze.

And as we cruise farther out, the skyline looks neat and Manila actually looks like 
a sparsely inhabited city from here! (hah!)

Looking at the colors of the sky makes me remember my painting days when I used to stare at something and try to visualize the colors I would use if I were to paint the scene. This sky would have to be cobalt blue with cerulean (on wet paper), with a bit of alizarin crimson dropped in. I love the vibrancy and transparency of alizarin crimson. That skinny building on the left would be a 
yellow ochre. I really should paint again.

MoA has fireworks every Friday and Saturday at 7 pm

After cocktails, we watched the fireworks of the Mall of Asia from the boat.  
This must be the best vantage point since we didn't have to fight any crowd.

We were back in the yacht club soon enough. 
A nice way to spend cocktail hour in Manila, don't you think?

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