Monday, April 8, 2013

A Dinner by Kai

We attended a dinner the other night and wanted to show you (mom) what we had. It was a cozy candlelight dinner (for 35 people!) and I only had my iPhone so the pictures are dark--but you'll see enough.

Dinner was catered by Kai (neo-Japanese restaurant).  Would you believe I've never been to the restaurant itself? I've attended many events that are catered by them though and I always like the food. Kai's chef, Gilbert Pangilinan, trained in Nobu in NY.

I always like their table setting and decor, and I'm impressed with their well-trained waiters; unobtrusive and very attentive.

This is the Pilipino Bento Salad. Talilong (I don't know what that is) and arugula with wild cucumber, dried mango slivers, gumamela petals and pili nuts. In the little dishes are goat's cheese from the Malagos farm in Davao, hamachi kinilaw and a dressing.

I ate the kinilaw separately, but added the cheese and the dressing to the salad before eating it.

Look at the creative centerpiece for the square tables. There was driftwood and small pots of different flowers, succulents and berry-type plants.

This is the seabass, prawns and clams in guava bulanglang. I thought that bulanglang was a vegetable stew--so I guess they mean "seafood in guava stew"? Basta it was very good. After this I should've stopped eating as I already had a good portion of protein and veggies. But...

who can resist these little bites of lechon? It was lechon meat, with a small square inch of crisp skin and a little shred of pako on top. I think the men thought it was too little, but for me, it was an elegant way to get a taste of lechon without going overboard.

Someone is looking happy across the table.  I was actually taking a photo of the centerpiece so you can see the different textures.

And just as I  decided to forego any more food, this was served. It looks too dark to be appetizing, but it was actually a USDA rib-eye steak, bistek style--with soy sauce and carmelized onions. Sidings were okra and squash flower tempura. This was served with a small bowl of garlic rice.

Of course I ate it. All.

Dessert was two small scoops of avocado ice cream with a tablespoon of chocolate syrup and a few pieces of caramel popcorn. Unusual combination, but good nevertheless.

I finished strong. As in, I ate everything.

It was a Pinoy-themed dinner because we had foreign guests. With my stealth iPhone, I also took pictures of the beautiful house, but I have to first ask permission before posting those.

KaiGreenbelt 5

Unit I-112 Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 757-5209

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