Monday, April 15, 2013

Prague at Night

Prague is beautiful in daytime when you can see all the architectural details of the buildings.

But it's magical at night when everything is nicely lit up.

I have friends who fell in love on a trip to Prague, and when they got married, they chose to marry here also.

Since I'd never been to Prague then, I couldn't relate when I heard that. But now I understand why.

Walking through Prague feels like being in the middle of a movie set.

I read somewhere that Les Miserables was filmed here. Also Bourne Identity.

The Old Town Square was swarming with people, but our local companion told us that no on was Czech--they were all tourists like us.

This was an evening stroll towards the Charles Bridge. 

Walking across the bridge...

And turning around to head back.

Archway leading back into the Old Town Square.

Original gas-powered lamp posts.

This is Plaza Wenceslao, which leads back to our hotel.

Some stores are very beautiful.

We were pleasantly surprised when we ducked into a mall to take a shortcut home. What beautiful interiors!

Looking forward to discovering more tomorrow.

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BosMom said...

HiMarivic, I originally found your blog last year when I was researching cochinillos in Segovia, Meson Candido specifically, and then I was hooked
: ) I would check your blog once in a while and I think there was a time that you weren't posting for a while. Anyway, I was researching some cupcake place in Manila, Sophie's Mom, and your blog popped up again, but better yet, because I am also in knee deep, planning a trip to Prague and was just taking a break from the planning(with trips to Netherlands, Belgium and last stop Paris), and guess what I see, your Prague travels!

Would you have a recommendation as to what's a better base - the Old Town side or the Little Town, just by the foot of Charles Bridge? Is everything really walkable anywhere in those two areas, and if there are any must sees/must experience that you discovered that you can recommend, would be great. Also, any restaurant/shopping recs would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks!


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