Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday in Prague

Models spotted in Prague

The day started with an early visit to the Prague Castle.

We saw the guards change with ceremony, and after, we headed over to see the castle.

The main thing to see is this vast hall which we were not allowed to photograph so look at the photo on the ticket below instead.

On the castle grounds is Golden Lane-- a narrow street lined with tiny houses that date back to the 15th century. Tradespeople used to live here and it is now fully restored like a museum.  The famous writer, Franz Kafka is said to have lived in house number 22.

Above the little houses is a continuous second floor which houses a museum of medieval armor and weapons.

This above is a  medieval window made out of a tree trunk that can be rotated open or shut.

After the Palace and Golden Lane visit, we headed down the steps to Lesser Town, but we didn't have time explore the area.

The group we were with wanted to hear mass, and the only mass we found in English was at noon, and at the church dedicated to our Lady of Victory and St. Anthony of Padua, home of the Santo Niño de Praga!

We walked quickly towards the church, passing the bottom of the Charles Bridge.

And through the town.

Finally. This unassuming church is the home of the Santo Nino de Praga.

Before going in for mass, our guide explained how the Santo Niño ended up in this church.

I couldn't help notice that the columns inside this church look very similar to those in San Antonio Church in Forbes Park.

Mass is ended, go and serve the Lord. 

Many people in our group said this was the highlight of their day.

Our souls cleansed with a "Santo Niño mass", we headed out for a sinful lunch.

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