Monday, April 22, 2013

Plzenska Restaurace, Prague

These ribs at the Plzenska Restaurace were absolutely delicious, I ate all three of them by myself, plus the roast potato that was propping them up. I'm told this is typical Czech food. It was very tender and I really liked the hot mustard and barbecue sauce that came with it.

We had this at the basement level of this famous art nouveau building that houses three restaurants.

 Alfons Mucha is a Czech artist in the art nouveau style.

There is another restaurant upstairs but we were lead here below.

Cozy interiors and good ribs.  After having all those ribs, I had to have a palate-cleansing dessert. I haven't had this much ice cream in a long time.

Just like the outside of the building, the interior details are also fascinating.

Worth a visit--specially that it's right in town and at the end of a busy shopping street.

And here we are figuring out our next plan of action. Mine was to go back to the hotel and sleep.

But of course I didn't do that. I spent the next couple of hours walking about town, burning off those ribs.

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